Relief Management - Motel, Resort & Apartment

“Our aim is to run your Business the way you want it run and provide peace of mind while you have a break.”

The difference with MOYB is that we come to you, there is a rough schedule of where we will be depending on assignments. .. more >>>

Tim & Pam are both “people persons” and very relaxed around Guests, however we have been subjected to all sorts of scams and know where to stick to Policy and when to bend. The benefit of experience. We work with your staff to provide continuity, Pam works with the Cleaners to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Tim & Pam McNamara have owned and operated a Leasehold Motel since 2004 in Townsville.

Prior to that they owned and operated Management Rights Holiday Letting property on the Sunshine Coast for nine years
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Our Experience is in Motels and Management Rights Properties and these are the areas we specialize in.
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